A Truly Independent Romantic Comedy



Jôrge is looking for his Mr. Right, but, well, you know how hard it is to meet new people.
With the help of his friends and colleagues, Jôrge navigates setups, hookups, and the guy who works upstairs – in this sweet, truly independent romantic comedy.

The film was designed with a documentary esthetic. With unobtrusive equipment, a small crew, and a relatively unknown cast, the production was able to film on locations across San Francisco without drawing much attention. We were able to film on public streets without locking them up, in private homes without disturbing the neighbors, and in shops while they were open for business. This production style translates to an intimate film that feels very immediate and natural. It is a human-scale film.

“All the Others Were Practice” is a romantic comedy, set in a gay context.
It’s a film for an audience that’s rarely served – queer people who don’t go to clubs and bars, who don’t want to seclude themselves in a gay bubble. The comedy plays off straight romantic comedy conventions. It attempts to present the queer characters without cliches and stereotypes, as full people living full lives. “All the Others Were Practice” is about the happiness that comes when you allow yourself to let go of your limits, when you stop letting other people define you.

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Technical Details

Production Year: 2015
Production Company: All the Others, LLC
Budget: $66,000
Country: USA
Language: English
Running Time: 82 min.
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Color: Color
Exhibition Formats: DCP, Blu-Ray, QT

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