Charlie Ballard

Jôrge has been in love before. He’s won and lost, but it always ends. It’s not so much that he’s given up on love, he’s just not going out of his way to find it. He’s just going to focus on work, and let love sort itself out.

Bennie Bell

Glen is a new father. Now that his wife, Pam, isn’t working, he’s working hard for a promotion. His days have fallen into a predictable routine – and he kind of loves it.

Kimberly MacLean

Tina shares a cubicle with Jôrge. They design all of the communications for a, a chat startup focused on very short chats, or grunts. She loves her job, except for the servers in the hot entrée line in the cafeteria.

Lawrence Radecker

George meets Jôrge online. They meet for lunch, and hit it off. George has a beautiful house and great friends. And what’s that behind his back? Is that a wedding ring?

Chris Morrell

Tony is new to corporate work. He shares a cubicle with Jôrge and Tina. He likes working with them, and he likes his work, but the ethics of his new job make him feel a little dirty.

Kathleen Antonia

Pam and Glen just had a baby girl, Pearl. Pam didn’t expect to be this happy about it. She had planned to go back to work, back to her life. But somehow, all that doesn’t seem so important any more.

Liam Vincent

Terry works upstairs from Jôrge, in Accounting. After months of flirting, he works up the courage to invite Jôrge to dinner.

Chantelle Tibbs

Meghan has known Jôrge and Glen for a long time, she’s one of the guys. She runs her own coffee house, and she’s about to have a baby, oh, and her wife just left her.

Monterey Morrissey

Mr. Abbot lives next door to Glen and Pam. They’ve never been close – they say hi on the street – until the day his kitchen catches fire, and his wife Kay dies.

Tony Sommers

Larry is the total package, and he knows it. He drives a nice car, lives in a nice house, and has amazing abs. He’s Jôrge’s dream guy – what more could anyone want?

John Lennon Harrison

Gus, and his friend Becky, visit San Francisco from Wisconsin, to visit their old friend George.

Leigh Wolf

Becky and her friend Gus come to visit their old friend George in San Francisco – and to meet his new boyfriend, Jôrge.

Steven Wiig

Amir takes Tony’s place. Amir enjoys the work, and a steady paycheck is nice. He doesn’t mind sitting next to Tina all day, either.

Joe Castiglione

Ivan works for his dad’s paper company. He visits San Francisco for a conference, and decides to take his good customers Jôrge, Tina, and Tony to lunch.

Molly Goode & Susan Monson

The Servers don’t like Tina. There’s not really any reason, they just see her as weak. Tormenting Tina is the only enjoyable thing about their whole day.

Marianne Shine

Ellen is Glen’s boss. She likes big cars and shooting guns.

Ben Johnson

The Skincare Clerk at the beauty store is cute. Jôrge has an extra ticket to a concert. Maybe it’s kismet?

Rheem Abuhamdeh

Ann works at Meghan’s coffee house. She likes working in a coffee house, and she really likes working for Meghan.

Cameron Stiehl

Agnes works in HR at gruntter. A whirlwind of efficiency, she takes new hires through the process – then never sees them again.

Brian Yates Sharber

Omar works the reception desk at gruntter. He has a husband and two daughters, and he knows everything that goes on in the office.

Tuesday Thomas

Pam runs into her Former Colleague while on one of her first shopping excursions with Pearl.

Kai Tibbs-Mendoza

Pearl the baby keeps Pam busy all day. The only time Pam can get anything  done is when Pearl is sleeping. Shhh.

Dani Sukiennik

The Waiter doesn’t know if Larry is kidding, or just stupid.