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Brian Tolle

Director, Writer, Producer
Brian Tolle has written, directed, and produced his own films since the early ’90’s. Starting in 16mm, he quickly switched to digital when he procured his first DV camera.

His most recent shorts Obit, written by Geetha Reddy, and Tom Swift’s The Beginning enjoyed successful festival runs, including Seattle, Palm Springs and Toronto gay and lesbian film festivals, Bend Film, and the Carmel Film Festival.

Brian also works as a Visual Effects artist in post production and on set for hollywood blockbusters.

Worth the Wait

Well, I didn’t expect that to take five months.

At the end of March, I started exploring self-distribution options. I knew that I wanted to make the film available as easily and as widely as possible, but I had no idea how to go about that.

What I thought would be a few web searches and phone calls turned into an expanding list of film print variations, a new 5.1 mix, new artwork in a array of sizes, hundreds of gigabytes of uploads and downloads, and weeks of waiting.

And all of the pieces are nearly in place.
It’s almost time to meet Jôrge.

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