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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Boards for filming in Guerneville

These are the boards that we used to help keep track of what angles needed to be filmed while we were filming each scene. The drawings seem simple, but they contain just enough information for me to remember what the various camera angles are that I need to tell the story.

Behind the Scenes on Van Ness

For scene 91 – we rehearsed the scene, then we headded down to the intersection of Van Ness and Grove St.


There were just five of us, two actors and three crew, and we were able to get four camera setups in less than an hour. The footage looks pretty good and the performances come through, even with all of the traffic noise.

01:13:42:18 = Epic Day

Today we had a long and grueling day as we filmed the final scenes of the film. It was day 13 of 22, and I had a bit of trouble getting into the spirit of the scenes.

The actors helped me rally and we pulled off a tremendous day – with great performances and one hour, thirteen minutes forty-two seconds and eighteen frames of footage. When it’s edited, the final scenes should end up being about three minutes. That’s a lot of coverage.

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