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All the Others Were Practice is a truly independent comedy. Experience the joy and limitations of micro-budget filmmaking in this tiny film with a huge heart.
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  • Read the Script
    The filming script for “All the Others Were Practice” was never intended to be read by anyone other than by the actors, but it is fairly instructive on what happens when a script gets produced. It is written with the intention of filming it on a tiny budget, but the budget was tinier than we’d …
  • if you love something, set it FREE
    Once again available on Amazon video, “All the Others Were Practice” is now available FREE to Amazon Prime members. And, if you don’t have a Prime membership, it’s available for just 99¢ to RENT or BUY. Plus, “All the Others Were Practice” is still available to RENT or BUY for as low as 99¢ on iTunes and vimeo. …
  • reflections, three years on
    Nearly three years since “All the Others Were Practice” was finished, I have had some distance, and time to reflect on the process of making the film, what went right, what went not right. It is the fault of the director and the casting director, if an actor is mis-cast. An actor is hired for a …
  • One Year On
    One year ago today, we were settling into our comfy seats at the Embarcadero Cinema in San Francisco for the first public screening of “All the Others Were Practice”. In the past year, we had a Valentine’s screening in Indianapolis, and every month viewers from all over the world are watching the film on demand …
  • We ❄ Indianapolis
    On Valentine’s Day at The Irving Theater in Indianapolis, we had a great screening of “All the Others Were Practice”, but as Tony would say, “Brr.” Thank You everyone who braved the snow and ice to join us. What a great crowd! We kept warm with Beer from Black Acre, Delicious Cupcakes from Simply Divine, …
  • We ♡ Indianapolis
    Get ready Indianapolis! “All the Others Were Practice” will be screening at The Irving Theater on Sunday, February 14 at 6 PM.That’s Valentine’s Day! We’ve got a great evening lined up for you.From 4-6 PM meet your friends and neighbors – and the film makers – for a Bite to Eat and a Beer inside …
  • AtOWP – BTS
    From April to June in 2013 our rag-tag group of filmmakers and actors traversed the cities of San Francisco and Guerneville, California to film “All the Others Were Practice”. We stole quick scenes on the streets and in shops, and spent entire days taking over apartments. Here is a peek Behind the Scenes of “All …
  • First Public Screening
    On Thursday, October 8 at 7:30 PM, we invited our friends – and for the first time the general public – to a screening of “All the Others Were Practice”. It was a great crowd! Thank you, everyone who was able to attend. It was a beautiful theater and really set a different tone from …
  • Worth the Wait
    Well, I didn’t expect that to take five months. At the end of March, I started exploring self-distribution options. I knew that I wanted to make the film available as easily and as widely as possible, but I had no idea how to go about that. What I thought would be a few web searches …
  • Time to cross the bridge
    When All the Others Were Practice was finished, the plan was to submit it to as many festivals as we could and see what happened. We chose festivals that seemed a good fit for the film. Some were queer, some smaller or local or specifically for very low budget films. If the film was accepted …
  • Cast and Crew Screening
    On Saturday, May 17 2014 we rented the Variety Children’s Charity screening room in downtown San Francisco for our cast and crew screening. It had been nearly a year since we wrapped filming, and it was great to see the cast, musicians, and our friends. We’ll take a little breather, submit a bunch of festivals, …
  • In the Can
    In 2009 I decided to take some story ideas that Jon and I had been playing with, and use them as the basis for a script. I wanted to write a script that I could film on a small budget but one that didn’t feel like the typical three-people-in-a-room independent film. My other goal was …